Welcome to your Stealth GPS Lite Upgrade page
to activate Data Acquisition and Track Mapping full features,
as well as the possibility to dialogue with RID optional expansion modules.

The Upgrade will be done once at the cost of Euro 105+vat,
 and the payment is processed on PayPal secure platform.
In case you don't have a personal PayPal account,
the procedure will accept also secure transactions with normal Credit Cards.

The following instructions can be downloaded and printed from this link: Download Instructions


Before proceeding we suggest you to download, with the DigiRaceMMX software,
the existing sessions you would like to keep, as the Upgrade will reset the system.

Your Stealth GPS LITE shows the following splash screen:

and the “System Info” displays STEALTH_GPS LITE as name

Power on your Stealth and enter the “System Upgrade” menu

At the following screen insert the USB pendrive

The system will automatically generate an activation file with extesion  .SAF (eg:12341234.SAF)
on the pendrive, which name is related to the device serial number

Such an operation is confirmed by the following screen:

Remove the USB pendrive and insert it into the PC socket

Select  the activation file .SAF in the pendrive and press SEND

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