Software for:

Stealth GPS-4 Lite


OS requirement: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7,Windows XP, Vista, (Apple users can install Digirace-MMX if a Windows emulation package is running on the computer).


Version:2.01.00037 Release date:02/02/2018

Current release notes:
-Optimizations for Lean Angle and Accelerations management with Inertial Pack.

Previous release notes:
-Implemented new Satellite View management.
-Optimizations for Corsaro devices connection.
-General improvements.
-Implemented driver and vehicle binding in communication configuration for Corsaro devices.
-New data download panel management for Corsaro devices.
-General optimizations.
-Updated Google satellite maps management.
-Implemented new Stealth GPS-4 management.
-General optimizations.
-Optimizations in Corsaro devices management.
-Speeded and optimized Corsaro firmware update process
-Updated DaVinci-R setting template file
-General optimizations.
-Added the new firmware update feature for Corsaro WID modules.
-General optimizations and fixes.
-Optimized track management and Firmware update on Corsaro devices.
-Fixed issue in Stealths session loading presend only on the very last previous release.
-Added support to new devices CORSARO.
-Satellite views integration with trajectories overlay and comparison.
-New powerful feature allowing to insert lap triggers directly from the satellite view.
-Introduced customizable math channels management.
-Introduced video files management integrated with data analysis interface.
-Generation of movies with session data overlay with several graphic customizable dashboards.
-Fully customizable channels visualization in Indicators mode and Track Consolle.
-Introduced the management of totally customizable channel visualization profiles .
-Improved performance and speed in session loading and managing.
-Introduced .SCS (Starlane Compressed Session) session import/export feature for easy data transfer via e-mail.
-Introduced the automatic updates feature that will allow you to keep your DigiRaceMMX up to date on any PC with internet connection.-New multiple session download feature.
-General Fixes in graphs and prints.

-Added lap lenght value on the bottom frame of the analysis window.
-Fixes in Xenon data loading.
-General improvements.

-General optimizations in data export and simulation playback.

-Activated unit conversion on graphs for Metric and Imperial standards.
-Introduced support and initialization feature for USB pendrives larger than 2GB.

-Now supported the new Athon XS/XP product line.
-Introduced support for 10Hz GPS systems like new Stealth GPS-3 and Athon XS/XP.
-General improvements in speed performance and session first loading.
-General optimizations in data download and analysis.

-Introduced Gain and Offset feature for each channel
-Modifyied session management for Stealths GPS-3 with firmware 3.03 and above.
-Optimized communication with Xenon dashboards

-General improvements
-Optimized USB pendrive management

-Updated Stealth GPS-3 firmware update path
-Improvements in DaVinci and Xenon setup and configuration

-Introduced French and German languages

-Introduced new Stealth GPS-3 laptimer management features
-Activated Realtime feature for DaVinci-R dashboards

-Modified USB/Bluetooth connection management for DaVinci dashboards
-General data analysis improvements

-Added new functions for DaVinci-R dashboards
-General optimizations

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